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Player Name: Mala
Contact: u kno
Character Tag: link (mm)


Name: Link
Canon: the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask
Canon Point: post-MM (he didn't Fierce Deity mask, so he still has all his other masks)
Age: 10...ish. thereabouts. with some weird time travel shit going on

History: christ you had to ask this of the guy who gets reincarnated every game. uh. comprehensive link wiki + oot plot + mm plot

Character's Fears: Link has this Thing about feeling like no one remembers what he'd done. It's less a, "why does no one appreciate me," and more of a feeling of isolation. If no one remembers what happened but him, then he loses out on those connections with the people he helped and the friends he made. This Link ends up feeling so alone and like he doesn't belong anywhere to the point that, after his death in the future, he lingers on afterwards in Hyrule known as the Hero's Shade. He's been through a lot, okay?
Character's Hopes: Link dreams of having somewhere he fits in, where he belongs. He also has a deep compulsion to be Good; he's lowkey always wanted to be a hero, to save the day. Though now that he's done that twice, he knows it's not all he thought it was, and now that dream has been replaced by the idea of being at peace.

link thinks reincarnation stinks
link network post

Anything Else?
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Player Information

Name: Malathyne
Personal Journal: [personal profile] littlesparrow
Age: 23
Contact Info: [ profile] Malathyne; AIM: whitepoof
Other Characters Played: n/a

Character Information

Character Name: Link
Character Series: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Character Age: While he looks to be about ten to twelve, the age of Link's soul is... difficult to place. He was locked in the Sacred Realm for seven years and magically matured so that he could handle the conflicts ahead, grew as he saved the world, and then he was also sent back to his original time and physical age.
Character Gender: Male

Original Canon
Canon Point: After the defeat of Twinmold and setting the spirits in Ikana to rest
Background Link: [Ocarina of Time] | [Majora's Mask]
The first thing that people notice about Link is how incredibly quiet he is. He'll speak when spoken to and answer questions, but he just doesn't talk much. He's the kind of person who only talks when he has something important to say, and then, when he does, he speaks concisely. This means that at times he comes across as socially awkward, and in certain situations, he is. He's used to people sending him on quests asking him to help them with out, and it isn't often that someone would say, "Hi, Link, how are you doing? What do you like to do?" and generally make small-talk. That hasn't happened for a long time, so these conversations will catch him by surprise and he won't know what to do. This will manifest as more silence and confused expressions (for, even though he doesn't talk much, his body language speaks loud and clear).

Growing up among a forest race of perpetual children definitely left its impact on him. Link was something of an outcast; the rest of the Kokiri had guardian fairy companions, but he didn't. We know -- and see -- that at least one of the Kokiri picked on him, and so Link learned early that he had to work hard to win the approval of his peers. This also means he highly values the friends he does make, and rewards their friendship with unwavering loyalty.

Growing up in a forest also had an interesting effect. Though the Kokiris have a shop, most everything could be found in the forest itself, so most of them just went out and got something if they needed or wanted it... Link included. This is where he picked up his tendency to walk into people's houses (everyone knew everyone in the Kokiri Forest, and what use do children have for privacy?), destroying people's pots, and taking whatever he comes across and finds useful. Although he has since learned that this isn't culturally acceptable everywhere, it's still very much a part of him. Scavening and not letting anything go to waste are two things that he learned from living in the forest among the fairy children.

Despite this, though, Link has a reputation of being an all-around nice guy. This is what wins over everyone, from the Kokiri he grew up with to the people whose pots he breaks. He goes out of his way to help people, is competent, reliable, and he follows through. Of course, sometimes, he doesn't even get a chance to turn someone down, and often, he can't bring himself to. His experiences in the forest have stayed with him, and, though it isn't obvious by looking at him, he really does want people to like him. He has trouble telling people "no," and so he gets roped (and suckered) into things like you wouldn't believe. Not to mention that when he looks around Termina, he sees suffering and unhappiness everywhere. If there is the chance that he can bring them happiness, if he can alleviate their pain, then how could he possibly say no?

Similarly, Link has a hard time accepting failure. He has learned that if he cannot do something, he simply needs to step back, re-evaluate, perhaps leave and learn some new tricks, and come back again. Failure has very heavy consequences for Link; if he doesn't succeed, then everyone else suffers. The world falls apart. He copes with the weight of this by believing steadfastly that he cannot fail. There is always a way to succeed. There is always a way to make it work. There is no "If not..." or "If I can't..." in Link's mind; there is only "I will."

What Link is best known for is, of course, his heroic nature. His bravery is his trademark, and he even carries with him the Triforce of Courage. Even when all the odds are against him, he will charge in, weapons drawn and ready to do whatever he can to bring that obstacle down, and he will not give up until he has done what he has set out to do. He is fully aware of what he is capable of, and while some would think this would manifest in confidence or arrogance, in Link, it takes form in adaptability. He's good at looking at a problem, weighing his options, what he can and can't do, and figuring out ways to work around what he lacks.

Aside from his surprising strength (he can push large blocks that must be very heavy) and his ability to take many, many hits that would drop a normal person to the ground, Link's abilities are entirely dependent on the items he carries with him.

The items listed below are the ones he gains access to over the course of canon, noted here because they're the closest he has to powers.

Gilded Sword
Great Fairy's Sword
The Mirror Shield
The Hero's Bow (+ Fire Arrow + Ice Arrow + Light Arrow + full Big Quiver)
Deku Nuts
Deku Sticks
The Hookshot
Lens of Truth

Other Items:
Ocarina of Time (which transforms, depending on his mask, into Pipes of Awakening, Drums of Sleep, or Guitar of Waves)
Six Bottles (two empty, one fairy, one blue potion, one Chateau Romani, one filled with three bugs)
One Magic Bean
Pictograph Box

Transformative Masks:
Deku Mask
Goron Mask
Zora Mask

Regular Masks:
Blast Mask
Bremen Mask
Bunny Hood
Circus Leader's Mask
Couple's Mask
Don Gero's Mask
Garo's Mask
Great Fairy's Mask
Kafei's Mask
Kamaro's Mask
Keaton Mask
All-Night Mask
Mask of Scents
Postman's Hat
Romani's Mask
Mask of Truth
Stone Mask
Captain's Hat
Gibdo Mask
Giant's Mask

Boss Remains:

He also has access to songs with magical powers, though the songs that affect time (the Song of Time and its variants) or allow Link to teleport (Song of Soaring) will not work in the Tower (and neither will Oath to Order, because, well. no giants to call. "your notes echo far..."). The others, however, will work, if so allowed.

However, when Link was last in the Tower, out of his desire for his friends to be safe, he gave several items away to his friends. The ones that he gave away cannot be in his trunk.

Sample Entry:
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[This isn't going to go well.

He knows this going in. The Princess is not going to want to work with the man who killed her father, who made her an outcast in her own kingdom, who ruined everything. If he's honest, he can't blame her, and even if he could, he wouldn't. What she's been through because of the Evil King, what she's seen, she... has every right to hate him. Link knows he has every right to, too. And he probably should. But... He knows hatred for one other won't get them anywhere. He knows there's something more important than fighting amongst each other in the Tower. Maybe the in-fighting is what's been keeping them from finding out more, from fixing the worlds, from escaping the Tower.

It isn't going to go well, but he has to try.

He takes in a deep breath, and then he knocks on Princess Zelda's door.]
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Characters: Link and Xion ([personal profile] attheclocktower)
Setting: Link's room
Format: bluh bluh?
Summary: While Xion was staying with Axel, Link's roommate, Link tried his best to cheer her up with drawings and tales of his adventures.
Warnings: derp and angst?


talked about life, god, death, and your family... didn't want any promises, just my undivided honesty )
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➸ Link to character journal
to ➸ How much Link likes you.
Crown. He knows you from home ... or something.
Shield. He will protect you, no matter what.
Little sprout. He just met you ; new friendship ; child
Life. He calls you his friend ; companionship
Music. He considers you his best friend ; a true bond
Heart. He likes you ; crush ; love ; romance
Um. He's unsure about you ; confused ; awkward
Anger. He sees you as an enemy ; on guard
Black. He must defeat you ; danger ; hostile

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